Tuesday :: Jul 21, 2015

Sanders Still Not In Head-to-Head Polls

by Deacon Blues
Graphic courtesy of PollingReport.com

With the news yesterday that the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows Hillary Clinton beating Jeb Bush in two-way and three-way races, and that Donald Trump now tops the GOP field, I still ask: Why don't the national polls test Bernie Sanders in head-to-head matchups against GOP contenders?

MSNBC is doing all it can to take Sanders' Iowa and New Hampshire poll results, and his crowd sizes to build a narrative that he is a serious challenge to the loathed Hillary. Fair enough. As I said last week, let's test that proposition and see how Sanders matches up against Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and yes, even the Donald in head-to-head matchups nationally. What are the pollsters afraid of?

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