Tuesday :: Jul 28, 2015

What Email Scandal?

by Deacon Blues

Several short items of note:

The Email Scandal That Wasn’t
Commenter Ten Bears somehow dismissively labeled my concerns about anti-Hillary bias by the New York Times as a mea culpa. Please note the Times’ Public Editor yesterday castigated the NYT for bad work in that story.

Bernie’s Poll Numbers
As we’ve been asking and demanding for weeks now, it’s about time Bernie Sanders be treated as a legitimate presidential contender, and be included in national head-to-head polls. Finally, CNN is the first media outlet to report the results of such head-to-head matchups, yet they did their best to ignore those results. Not only does Hillary beat Bush, Walker, and Trump, but the supposedly unelectable Sanders runs even, or also beats them.

Registered Voters
Hillary 51%
Bush 46%

Hillary 53%
Walker 44%

Hillary 56%
Trump 40%

Bernie 47%
Bush 48%

Bernie 48%
Walker 43%

Bernie 59%
Trump 38%

This tells you the real state of the 2016 election, which is that the GOP is in major trouble even before Donald Trump damages them further.

Hillary’s Specifics
While the Beltway has been focused on the evaporating Hillary email scandal and Donald Trump, they’ve ignored Clinton’s rollout of specific policy proposals on short-term capitalism and clean energy. It was just last week that MSNBC's Lawrence O’Donnell nicked Hillary for not being specific in her speeches, like (he claimed) Sanders was in his speeches. Now that Hillary has rolled out specifics over the last week, what has O’Donnell said about it? You guessed it – Nada.

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