Sunday :: Aug 2, 2015

Why Not Joe Biden?

by Deacon Blues

I have no doubt that Joe Biden will run for president, because I’m certain he and Beau talked about it on Beau’s death bed. Whatever fundraising or organizational disadvantages he has compared to Hillary will matter little. Just as Bush 41 ran as Reagan’s third term in 1988, Biden will run as Obama’s third term, but have the benefit of doing so without Hillary's baggage.

And make no mistake; Biden will have a shot at pulling it off. Yes, he is an endearing gaffe machine, but in an age where Donald Trump can insult millions of people and still be deemed a credible presidential candidate because of his alleged authenticity, Joe Biden can weather any storms about his misstatements.

Plus, Biden has two big things going for him that no other candidate in the race has. First, he has good working relationships with all parts of the political spectrum in Congress. Perhaps more importantly, the political media likes Joe Biden. Those two things, plus sympathy and the lack of self-inflicted political wounds makes Biden a credible presidential candidate for a party looking for an off ramp from the Clinton Highway.

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