Tuesday :: Aug 18, 2015

How Trump Kills the GOP and Their Oligarchs

by Deacon Blues
Image courtesy of PollingReport.com

From a Democrat’s perspective, what’s happening in the GOP presidential sweepstakes is pure gold. Before Donald Trump’s ascension, the real base of the GOP had game-planned a perfect post-Citizens United script, whereby the Koch Brothers and other GOP big-check elites bought the next president of the United States, just as Samuel Alito and John Roberts had intended all along. The Koch’s were running their whore Scott Walker as their Trojan horse, Jeb Bush had his hundred pimps and their $100 million, Marco Rubio and the others had their billionaire check writers. All of them were hoping to get the electoral system they’ve always wanted, where the wishes of 450 people directly dictated the lives of 350 million and indirectly the world.

Then The Donald came along and energized the part of the GOP base that actually does the democratic behavior of voting, rendering the elites' plans kaput. He stakes out an immigration position that may be a minority view in the country and even within the GOP as a whole, yet perfectly meshes with the base that shows up in Iowa and New Hampshire. Trump blew up the plans of the Koch’s and the Bush 100 and others by grabbing and holding the media attention away from their whores and instead is bringing out GOP voters who’ve been dormant. Sure, Trump may hit a ceiling of 25-30% in a crowded field, but you need look no farther than the Iowa and New Hampshire polls to see the destruction Trump has brought.

It is now entirely possible that neither Walker nor Bush, nor any other big-money GOP whore will win either Iowa or New Hampshire, and Trump can win both and go into South Carolina up 2-0 with an even bigger head of steam. This would require the GOP funders and official party machinery to do one of two things: embrace Trump and his empty fringe agenda that doesn't match their own, or all-out attack him and start an intraparty civil war. This would be a very visible war where the party machinery would have to align openly with oligarchs who thought they were buying America against someone (and his supporters) who can afford to take them on, only to ultimately leave the party for an independent bid that would destroy the GOP.

Fun times.

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