Thursday :: Aug 27, 2015

Time for Hillary to Plan the Exit

by Deacon Blues

The Joe Biden drumbeat will get even louder now, with the news that a new national, large-sample/small MOE poll shows the Vice President now running better against all GOP candidates than Hillary does.

Matchups among all American voters show:
Biden tops Trump 48 - 40 percent. He beats Bush 45 - 39 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio's 41 percent.
Clinton edges Trump 45 - 41 percent. She gets 42 percent to Bush's 40 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio's 43 percent.
Sanders edges Trump 44 - 41 percent and edges Bush 43 - 39 percent. Rubio gets 41 percent to Sanders' 40 percent.

I'd like to congratulate the GOP, parts of the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media for taking a stupid mistake and poor judgment by Hillary back in 2009 and successfully undermining her candidacy. Yes, she brought this upon herself, no doubt, and continues to do so. But if I were her right now, I'd be planning my exit once Biden enters, and let the party and media detractors live with a Democratic race that may depress the party's base at a time when the worst elements of the GOP base are rabid.

Clearly, doing stupid things with your email are more disqualifying than intolerance of minorities (the whole GOP), or botching administration policy on Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan (Biden).

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