Monday :: Sep 21, 2015

See Ya, Chump

by Deacon Blues
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Scott Walker entered the 2016 GOP presidential race as the fully-bankrolled candidate of the Koch Brothers. He told everyone who’d listen that he was the best candidate because he was tough on the unions and was a successful governor (if you define "successful" as "smoldering pile"). He got off to a good start with decent poll numbers in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and then couldn’t give consistent or well thought-out answers on immigration and foreign policy. And with Donald Trump grabbing the oxygen, and now the phony Carly Fiorina, Walker has suddenly fallen off the map.

Now he’s gone, because 1) the Koch’s hate losers, and didn't want to bankroll his burn rate, and 2) something else about Walker may be about to break.

The rise and fall of Scott Walker is a canary in the coal mine for the 2016 GOP presidential field. Walker wasn't the first candidate with a "chief executive" selling card to get out for money reasons, as that honor fell to Rick Perry. It may soon claim Chris Christie as well, with only his ego preventing it from happening sooner rather than later. John Kasich may stick around a little longer, if only because he is the stealth candidate for VP, that is, until the Carly boomlet started.

But the problem for the GOP is that despite the conventional wisdom, this field may now thin out quicker that anticipated, and with the wrong people dropping out. Imagine a scenario where the marginally-qualified candidates, namely their governors and some senators drop out because Trump, Carson, and perhaps Fiorina suck out all the attention and donors at a time of maximum vulnerability for the rest of the field. How many of the remaining candidates can actually get the nomination?

Worse yet, how electable will the remaining field look?

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