Wednesday :: Sep 23, 2015

Trump and Cruz: Small, Little Men

by Deacon Blues

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz now want to blame Hillary Clinton for being the first "birther", the first national politician to question Barack Obama's citizenship. You shouldn't be surprised that these two little men run like cockroaches from the light and blame Hillary for their own despicable behavior. But as Dave Weigel of the Washington Post points out, it (once again with Trump and Cruz) is all another lie.

Both Trump and Cruz routinely lie, just as Carly Fiorina does. It's in the Republican DNA to lie about the Clinton, and to lie about everyday facts. None of them care about being revealed as charlatans and frauds, because GOP voters live in an alternate universe where they are all victims and not responsible for their own ignorance. That's why this GOP campaign season will continue for a while longer with laughingstocks like Trump, Carson, Cruz, and Fiorina at the top of the smoldering heap of misfit toys masquerading as Republican candidates for president. The party, and its electorate deserve no better because the GOP machinery, both in the media and inside the Beltway created this Frankenstein.

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