Tuesday :: Sep 29, 2015

Biden Will Run and St. Marco Awaits

by Deacon Blues

Some short items over the last several days:

Look for Joe Biden to get into the race, and look for him down the road to select Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. Biden’s entry won’t automatically knock out Hillary, but it makes her path even more difficult.

As for Jeb Bush, yes, his check writers are getting skittish. No matter how much money Jeb’s 100 millionaires have poured into his campaign, many of them will pivot to the new bright shiny object of Marco Rubio in the next month or so.

As for Donald Trump, is anyone really surprised that he came up with a tax reform plan that drastically cuts his taxes and bankrupts the Treasury?

Lastly, again no one should be surprised that Vladimir Putin stepped into the vacuum that represents the Obama foreign policy and created a way for him and Russia to become major players again. Obama and his administration can complain all they want about Russia’s real motives and (alleged) lack of real world thinking, but it is Obama’s own failed policies on Syria, Iraq, and fighting ISIS that got us to this point. Frankly, if Putin wants to step into this mess and have Russia take a forceful role in the middle of the Islamic world, perhaps the United States should let him until President Marco Rubio arrives in 2017 to get tough with him (stop chuckling).

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