Wednesday :: Oct 7, 2015

Hillary Goes Against Obama (and Biden) On TPP

by Deacon Blues

The pundits on MSNBC said as late as yesterday that Hillary was having a great 7-10 days, with the gift from House GOP (Mis)Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy admitting the obvious about the Trey Gowdy Benghazi Kangaroo Court, Hillary’s strong statements on gun safety (at Bernie Sanders’ expense), and her successful Saturday Night Live appearance.

And then, after saying that, those same pundits said it would all go bad for Hillary because to date she’s avoided taking a position on Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, and now must pick a side: Obama and the free-traders or Bernie Sanders and organized labor.

Well, so much for those Hillary naysayers. Today, Hillary surprised many by going against Obama and coming out against TPP. In doing so, she gives Bernie no room on the left and holds onto labor’s support while at the same time sending Joe Biden a message that he’ll have to wear Obama’s TPP horse collar all by himself and piss off organized labor in the process.

Well done Hillary, well done. Let Biden and the Wall Street Republicans defend more (allegedly) free trade to the shrinking middle class, and we’ll see how Fox and Trump choke on their oatmeal over this.

No one should be surprised that Hillary broke from Obama on this; she’s been signaling since her recent Benghazi and gun safety comments that had she been president, the Gowdy Kangaroo Court would have been shut down and a Clinton administration would have gotten around Congress by way of Executive Order to implement her gun safety measures. Since the time Obama signaled acceptance of a Biden run, Hillary has been freed to do whatever she needs to improve her situation, even at Obama’s expense.

Even if it means harming the deal itself.

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