Thursday :: Oct 8, 2015

McCarthy Drops Out of Speakership Race - GOP Caucus Implodes

by Deacon Blues

And now the inmates are in charge of the asylum:

Representative Kevin McCarthy on Thursday abruptly took himself out of the race to succeed John A. Boehner as House speaker, apparently undone by the same forces that drove Mr. Boehner to resign.
"I have the deepest respect and regard for each member of the conference and our team as a whole,” Mr. McCarthy said in a prepared statement shortly after a meeting in which he told Republicans of his decision. “It is imperative for us to unite and work together on the challenges facing our country.
"Over the last week it has become clear to me that our conference is deeply divided and needs to unite behind one leader. I have always put this conference ahead of myself. Therefore I am withdrawing my candidacy for speaker of the House. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to help move our conference’s agenda and our country forward."

McCarthy was pushed off the plank when he found out late Wednesday that the 40 most conservative members of his caucus rejected his bid and would not vote for him, and instead would cast a protest vote for fellow nutcase Daniel Webster. Since that news, several of the "freedom caucus" have stated that they can only support someone who will work with them and not against them, which in reality narrows their list of acceptable Speaker candidates to only a few. In the aftermath of McCarthy's shocking announcement, Utah's Jason Chaffetz now says he may not be able to get the votes to be Speaker, and Wisconsin's Paul Ryan declined again today to jump in.

Some inside the GOP caucus are openly talking about simply electing a "caretaker" Speaker just to get the House to the 2016 election, and letting the voters decide the political direction of the body. Worse yet, the delusional fringe 40 nutcases who caused this think that they now should run the House of Representatives.

That may sound fine in theory, but there are major votes necessary right away on increasing the debt limit and funding through the remainder of the current fiscal year. Can a GOP "caretaker" Speaker get those votes past the 40 crazies? No. Could a fringer from the freedom caucus even get 218 votes? No again.

How does this end up? After today, it's very likely that John Boehner now stays on long enough to get a debt ceiling deal and government funding measure through the House as his last act as Speaker, with Democratic votes. He then sends the package over to the Senate, and resigns, leaving the House GOP caucus in total uproar over the deal-making, enraging the crazies even more into demanding one of their own as the next Speaker, which will never happen.

Nancy Pelosi just became very powerful, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee just had its job made far easier for 2016.

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