Thursday :: Oct 29, 2015

Watching the Cage Match

by Deacon Blues

For those of you who bravely watched the GOP debate last night, do you agree with the MSNBC pundits that Marco Rubio gutted Jeb Bush, and others who believe that the debate buried Bush going forward? Sure, the default position for GOP candidates in front of their own crowds when they don't or can't answer a question is to blame the media, but we already know that.

Rubio is being credited for having his counterpunches well rehearsed and ready; he's still nothing more than a lying, sniveling punk bankrolled by a billionaire extremist who's made his living on financially oppressing the poor and downtrodden. But at least Rubio was well-prepared in his mindless propaganda. Bush once again seemed to be lacking any real fire or focus to distinguish himself from his competitors, as if just by showing up it would be apparent to the viewers that he was a superior product.

At least Democrats can now look forward to weeks of a knife fight between Rubio and Bush, while Trump and Carson stay above it.

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