Monday :: Nov 23, 2015

Trump Lies, and the GOP Thrives

by Deacon Blues

The media is noticing that time is running out for the anti-Trump to emerge and save the GOP from him. The media is also noticing that no matter how many lies Trump tells, his poll numbers don't suffer.

Well guess what? The anti-Trump may very well be Ted Cruz, giving the GOP a nightmare scenario where their two main choices next spring come down to handing the nomination to either Trump or Cruz. This portends Goldwater 2.0, where the party is required to have one of them at the top of their ticket next November, and then watching their House and Senate incumbents sink or swim.

The GOP created a situation where its base thinks they are victims of brown people. The GOP wants its base to hate government, and to distrust everyone except its own fact-free right-wing media. And some of the people with the worst complex of these terrible behaviors are in the early part of the GOP primary and caucus schedule.

So don't be surprised if Trump or Cruz is leading next March, with the GOP panicking at the result. And don't be surprised when the party implodes from trying to deny them the nomination.

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