Thursday :: Dec 3, 2015

Sad Truths

by Deacon Blues

After seeing the carnage of Colorado Springs last week and now San Bernardino this week, there are a few undeniable facts. The National Rifle Association believes that dead innocent Americans are the price to be paid for ensuring that the mentally ill, terrorists, and racists have unfettered access to wartime assault rifles. And if you think that statement is too strong, then explain to me why the NRA opposes a national database for law enforcement to track purchases and lost weapons.

Second, Fox News and the right wing echo chamber support letting the carnage continue as long as the black man lives in the White House. They will continue letting the carnage continue until Black America sets up its own version of the NRA to ensure unfettered African American access to assault weapons.

If we aren't going to have an assault weapons ban, then we have to track purchases of such weapons by anyone, whether they be white, black, Christian, or Middle Eastern. End of story. There is no excuse whatsoever for local and national law enforcement to not know who in their communities holds and buys such weapons and ammunition.

Then again, House Republicans want to make sure potential terrorists on Homeland Security's "no-fly list" aren't deprived of their guns, or their due process rights. You read that correctly. Nothing can get in the way of people getting access to weapons of war, even if they are suspected terrorists.

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