Monday :: Dec 7, 2015

Target Ranges as Sanctuaries

by Deacon Blues

With the news a short while ago that both mass murderers in the San Bernardino slaughter were in fact radicalized a long time ago, and were openly practicing with their assault weapons at area shooting ranges, even days before the massacre, I have to ask several questions:

1. Did Tashfeen Malik wear her burka at the shooting range while firing her assault weapon?

2. If so, didn't this raise alarm bells for any of the other shooters?

3. Or does the right to bear arms for this crowd trump everything?

I used to be against profiling, but it's clear that the wedding/spousal visa program needs to be re-evaluated, as do all recipients from watch-list countries. And like it or not Edward Snowden fans, the federal government and Silicon Valley need to be working together on ways to identify and trace internet sites and social media involving extremist messages, whether they be religious or racial in nature.

The FBI and Homeland Security will have to explain how these two murderers were off the radar screen, yet radicalized a while ago.

Update, Monday PM: And now Donald Trump plays right into ISIS's hands.

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