Friday :: Dec 18, 2015

Leave It Alone Hillary

by Deacon Blues

There could be so many things to comment on of late, whether it is Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin, the New York Times’ botching of the story on the San Bernardino mass murderers, or the internal GOP slugfest against Ted Cruz’s revisionist history on his immigration reform record.

But perhaps the biggest nonstory of them all is the late-breaking lawsuit by Bernie Sanders’ campaign against the Democratic National Committee over his campaign’s inappropriate access and taking of Hillary Clinton’s voter database. The Sanders camp was flagged by the DNC for taking advantage of a data firewall malfunction on Wednesday to access and then download the Clinton database without permission from the DNC. In response, the DNC suspended access to their database from the Sanders campaign, even to access their own data, upon which the Sanders campaign filed a lawsuit late today.

That’s laughable enough, except that Hillary has decided to make a big deal about this now, and in tomorrow night’s Democratic debate. Hillary, trust me; someone with your record of throwing online security to the wind has no business in hell attacking anyone else on an issue like this. Just shut up and move on.

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