Tuesday :: Dec 22, 2015

Kneecapping Trump

by Deacon Blues

Although Hillary correctly handled the Sanders' data theft issue at Saturday night's Democratic debate by moving on after Sanders deftly handled it himself, she then gifted Trump an issue when she lied about the existence of ISIS video-recruiting off of Trump's anti-Islamic bigotry. Why Hillary did this is beyond me, and is perhaps a troubling preview of things to come.

However, the good thing about running against an amateur in love with his own voice is that he can just as quickly hand the advantage right back, which is what Trump did last night with his vulgarity against Hillary in front of another crowd of his Neanderthals. Hillary is lucky to have Trump as a likely opponent next November, because this incident confirms that he can be counted on to damage himself and the whole GOP in the general election, especially with women and most other nonwhite voting groups.

Of course Trump himself is a pathological liar, so it is the ultimate irony for him to raise the "liar" issue with anyone, but his crowd laps it up nonetheless and consequently he stays on solid political ground with them no matter how many lies he tells. Yet once he goes beyond that to outright misogyny, he takes the GOP into the deep end of the pool.

If I were Hillary, and I wanted to respond with the right amount of disrespect, I would simply say:

"Poor Donald - he's such a little, little man."

End of story.

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