Tuesday :: Dec 29, 2015

Kick Trump Issue by Issue

by Deacon Blues
Image courtesy of PollingReport.com

Memo to Hillary: Keep hammering all the Republican presidential candidates, especially Trump for supporting corporations instead of civilization when it comes to global warming. Simply say that Trump is a corporate fool who places profits above saving the planet. There are certain issues where Trump can be bludgeoned, and global warming is one of them. The goal here is not to turn any Trump base voters against him; they will never leave him. Rather, the long-term goal is to start making Trump and other GOP candidates toxic to independent voters.

And remind voters that at some point Trump will be accountable on the issues, and not slide by as a thrice-married birther bent on re-litigating the 1990's like every other right-wing crank. Besides, it will be so much fun watching the GOP field cannibalize each other over the coming weeks as we approach Iowa and New Hampshire.

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