Monday :: Feb 1, 2016

Iowa Take-Aways

by Steve

Several observations from tonight's developments in Iowa:

For Clinton's team to stupidly (and prematurely) claim victory only reminded people why they hate the Clintons. Hillary needs to remember that she starts this race already behind in the court of public opinion, and can't afford to make things worse with egotistical gaffes like this. Hungry beats arrogant all the time. And while you're at it, your campaign team should stop going after Sanders and instead retool your message to go after younger voters, which was his mother load in Iowa.

Hats off to Bernie Sanders and his team for taking the Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll showing a 3-point Clinton lead as the locker room motivator to turn out the troops and force a tie.

Donald Trump may have had his fifteen minutes. Talk is cheap once they start counting the votes.

Even though Marco Rubio is full of sh*t, he and his team deserve congratulations on how they did in Iowa. Now let's see how they do in a three-way knife fight.

One only has to listen to Ted Cruz a short while to know how much of a disaster he would be for the GOP in a national election. He won Iowa because two-thirds of the GOP caucus-goers were evangelicals, but that won't be the case in a national election.

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