Thursday :: Feb 25, 2016

Nullifying the Constitution and SCOTUS for Secret Society Cultists

by Deacon Blues

The Senate GOP’s refusal to hold hearings or a vote on any Obama nominee to replace Antonin Scalia not only serves to shine a brighter light upon the Republican Party’s efforts to nullify the United States Constitution, but also endangers several GOP senators up for reelection this year.

Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire)
Roy Blunt (Missouri)
Richard Burr (North Carolina)
Chuck Grassley (Iowa)
Johnny Isakson (Georgia)
Ron Johnson (Wisconsin)
Mark Kirk (Illinois)
John McCain (Arizona)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Rob Portman (Ohio)
Tim Scott (South Carolina)
Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)

Yes, some of these GOP incumbents would be immune from general election pressure, but Ayotte, Johnson, Kirk, Portman, and even Grassley and Toomey can be targeted over the coming months for participating in an effort to undermine the Constitution and the third branch of government.

Then it is a separate question why all the GOP Senate incumbents and presidential candidates talk up their love for the recently-deceased Scalia, and would want another secret-society unaccountable elitist to replace him.

I suspect the more we find out about Antonin Scalia and those he associated with, the more uncomfortable it will be for the GOP's chances this year the longer they block a replacement and demand another like him.

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