Friday :: Feb 26, 2016

Cowardice and Confidence

by paradox

It has been correctly noted that Republican Senate obstruction to President Obama’s next Supreme Court nomination is an act of obvious cowardice, no Party confident of its mission and ideology would so childishly, churlishly hide behind such useless lies and rationalizations.

Well, Supreme Court and other Executive judicial appointments were never considered the crown jewels of Republican power for positive implementation of an agenda, their primary purpose is to hold the authoritarian, capitalist line and squash down any liberal legislative progress.

Example—years ago an unfortunate family investigated hydroponic technology for tomatoes, only to have weeks later law enforcement come crashing into their home and property with armored vehicles, instant cuff and detainment and destruction of property, an indelibly horrifying experience the consequence of idiots who thought their tomato equipment could be used to cultivate that terrible, terrible scourge of cannabis flowers.

The Republican judge reviewing the case completely tossed it in favor of the morons who invaded that home and family, no violation of the 4th, no search and seizure problems, it’s all good. Republicans long ago abandoned any pretense of building a great America, it’s all about holding on and putting the liberals and immigrants down.

Before we get too smug about Republican fear and slimy obfuscation it should be noted that political bravery is not exactly a renowned Democratic Party characteristic, long ago we earned our reputation for being wimps who possessed the confidence of a dormouse. Al Gore choosing Joe Lieberman, Nancy Pelosi tossing the strongest impeachment case we will ever see, Barack Obama naively choosing accommodation and transformation. For that he’ll lose a Supreme Court appointment, he never earned the political leverage of fighting to get this through.

We see it too in the current Democratic Party candidates, it’s not exactly as if I’m a profound political oracle of wisdom, right, but I’ve told and reminded them many times I want and need to hear a House Strategy for the 2016 general and the 2018 midterm.

Hello? The House has been overtaken by the ranting, off-the-rail Republicans dedicated to absolutely nothing in any form of progress. Without a Democratic House all is almost helpless, a Democratic President will have judicial and agency appointive power, nothing else, nothing’s going to get done anywhere.

We never hear Clinton or Sanders state this simply and starkly, or what they’ve got to do about it to initiate a fix. Why is that?

They’re cowed to stating the starkly obvious, it isn’t the details of their policy objectives that will stop progress, it’s the Republicans who hate us and what we stand for! Equality, diversity, feminism, environmentalism, labor, the Republicans passionately loathe them all, they are the main political impediment to liberal progress and must be stopped.

A Party of confidence would be constantly hammering liberal principles that deliver votes for the precise aim of beating Republicans to get the House back. If it can’t be done in 2016 then show us the precise plans and rationale to get it done in 2018.

A Party of confidence would be appalled and yet enormously excited at the execrable American voter participation rate, if only we got 10% more active for liberal votes we could crush the Republicans and take the House.

I hear nothing from Clinton or Sanders on how to precisely exploit this problem and opportunity, although at least I have heard Sanders boast he could do it. Why is that?

As Democrats we simply don’t have the bravery and confidence to go out and get it—we’re going to deliver a living wage, we’re going to stop the insane drug war which hurts so many, we’re going to build public transit, seriously expand Social Security and gut the Defense budget to do it. The Republicans gleefully deliver for their constituencies, why can’t we?1

Relative confidence and debatable Democratic Party tactics are one thing, all right (I am a friend and brother to all liberals), but very unfortunately our time with America has shown us something truly new, the Republicans are about to nominate a fascist for the 2016 general.

Taking the long arc view of Democratic Party behavior this is screamingly frightening development, a Party that’s earned its reputation as wimps and cowards has to take on a viciously lying bully. Oh man.

Intellectually beating trump is absurdly easy, but American politics is obviously not an intellectual environment. Clinton and Sanders, do not run, do not hide, proudly proclaim our liberal principles everywhere. Beating a fascist is uncharted territory, I understand, but any sign of fear or lack of fight could lead to a horrifying disaster, never ever back down from that fascist lying bully.

[1] I’m perfectly aware candidate Sanders has the excellent policy positions of a living wage and ending the drug war. His political talent hasn’t penetrated to the indifferent, 40% of the country could care less at all and even Democratic Party participation has declined, a frightening disgrace. Perhaps our participation rate is so low because nobody believes all this yap without the ability to re-take the House.

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