Sunday :: Feb 28, 2016

Stop Worrying About Benito Trump

by Steve

There’s been a lot of hand wringing of late amongst the Sanders’ supporters at MSNBC and the Nation about how bad a Hillary-Trump matchup will go for the Democrats this fall. Namely, we’re told that Trump will destroy Hillary over her email mess and how badly he’ll take the blue collar vote from her because of her Wall Street ties, and his promises to bring back jobs through tougher trade policies.

Really? Tell me first how Trump gets past the GOP convention with a nomination and support from a unified party after he, Rubio, and Cruz smear each other over the coming weeks. Do you really think the GOP will unite behind Trump as their nominee, without seeing significant numbers of Republicans stay home or vote for the Democrats? Do you really think Rubio and Cruz supporters will simply forgive and forget?

Do you really think blue collar Democrats will switch sides this fall to vote for a man who intentionally avoids hiring Americans job seekers here at home so he can hire eastern European visa slaves at his domestic enterprises? And that’s assuming there are that many racist blue collar Democrats who will look the other way and ignore Trump’s obvious bias against people of color.

Please stop with the hand wringing and defective analyses.

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