Thursday :: Mar 3, 2016

Too Many Unknowns to be Gleeful About Trump

by paradox

Like Amanda Marcotte I share a happy anticipation at the prospect of Hillary Clinton running against Donald Trump, even in the lousy and constrained American democracy she should easily smash him, an enjoyable experience with enormous benefits for the country. There are a number of factors, however, that constrain the natural glee from that evolution and ultimately reveal that Trump as a candidate is a negative outcome overall.

When Trump is officially declared be prepared for an excruciating episode of embarrassment, the rest of the civilized industrialized world will be looking at us and absolutely know something has gone terribly wrong, on some levels it’s funny but mostly there will be vastly grave concern that the United States of America has become sick and broken. We have the potential for great leadership, but it will be forever dimmed if we can’t be trusted, of course we can’t be if we’re so dysfunctional.

Official Trump candidacy naturally means official sanction to racism, bigotry and violence, even the Secret Service can be counted on to hop to it and kick some ass right away. To those among us who are angry, racist, bigoted and armed yet still barely constrained by whatever factors what will this official sanction mean in their scrambled psychologies? Of course we don’t know, but it would be better to give the barely constrained among us official license not to be their worst.

As citizens we must discern the truth with mostly what our American media presents to us, but a Trump candidacy would force our dysfunctional media cousins to instantly self-correct, for of course Trump would never existed without their help and abetment. CNN loves the ratings and money far more than truth, yet suddenly CNN must change and smash Trump with reality? Possible, but far from certain, and if they’re incapable there’s Donald, on 24 x 7.

As written before historically Democrats have nominated weak candidates far too malleable in selling out liberal principles. Now they’ve got to mobilize and run against a lying bullying fascist. So far Hillary Clinton seems to properly see and vocalize the threat, rationally there should be no problem for her not get bullied or be fearful, but unfortunately we’ll have to run the test in real time to find out.

I am confident of Clinton for that test, but two recent events should give everyone pause that campaign news and events can spin out of control with amazing speed, sometimes without recovery.

Hours before a Democratic debate an American boat drifted into Iranian territorial waters and was captured and detained, very unfortunately images of American service members blindfolded and on their knees. The violent authoritarian Republicans went instantly berserk, calling for war and berating American weakness.

Fortunately for us all President Obama is a wise, rational, cautious politician who let the incident play out for what it was, a simple mistake quickly rectified with good communication on both sides. Very unfortunately for us all evil and violent minds are of course watching us, they know Hillary Clinton will under very different political pressures even though she’s just a candidate.

Trump running against a woman will give terrorists one of their most prized objectives great potential, in other words, the ability to manipulate and make victims reactive. There are no more stupidly reactive, violent souls than the GOP base and their candidates, they just demonstrated it and the terrorists know it, if Trumps runs we will be in a greatly heightened terrorism window.

The other incident was House Democrats being bullied on the Syrian refugee vote late in 2015. They had the support of the President, Clinton and Sanders and yet still ran like frightened sissies when the GOP bombastically said they would crucify them.

Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong with the Democratic psychology in Washington DC, that incident never, ever should have happened, but somehow when national security is involved Democrats become infuriating failure rabbits. To what extent that disgusting psychology infects Clinton campaign thinking is unknown, hopefully none of it.

Arrival of The Fascist has generated predictions of high turnout, the oh-so-holy grail of all liberals. Unfortunately America is a notoriously low-turnout country with an obviously lousy media, there is great hope in the motivation of stopping a fascist but it’s completely unknown if it will happen.

Too many unknowns here, especially with the risk involved, a Trump presidency would be a catastrophe we and the planet would likely never recover from. I remain cautiously optimistic that buffoon will never hold our nuclear codes, but ultimately greatly saddened by it all, we never should have degraded as country to the point Trump could be nominated.

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