Wednesday :: Mar 2, 2016

Stop the Enthusiasm/Turnout Nonsense

by Deacon Blues

For the umpteenth time, members of the media should stop yapping about an enthusiasm/turnout problem for the Democrats based on this primary season relative to the GOP’s turnout. Such concerns are only valid if you assume that all Republicans will actually vote in November for Donald Trump as their nominee. Not only do we already know they won’t (a Rubio or Kasich voter will not vote for Trump), but we also know it isn’t even clear Trump will be getting the nomination without a gory spectacle this spring or in Cleveland at the convention.

Yes, Hillary is a known commodity for better or worse, and does not inspire millions to come out during the primary season. And it should also be pointed out that unlike Republican crazies and racists, who are angry at everyone else out of a false sense of victimhood being fed to them by a treasonous right wing media, Democrats are largely content and not storming the polling places this spring. Having said that, Bernie may still get the nomination for any number of reasons (a campaign cash advantage, and the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email stupidity).

But if you really think millions of African Americans and Latino voters will be disillusioned by a choice between Hillary and Trump and simply stay home this November, then you are nothing more than a 1) member of the media; or 2) a Hillary hater.

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