Thursday :: Mar 10, 2016

Oh Republicans You’ve Done It Now

by paradox

For someone who so virulently loathes Republicans it may seem strange to some that I so rarely write about them, but the trait stems from two basic principles.

First is that you don’t criticize others without having your own house in order. Not only does this direct energy and attention to where it’s obviously needed, it stops one from being a hypocritical obnoxious jerk.

Humans being what they are inordinate attention to the faults of others leads to other serious mental traps, inevitably a sense of superiority creeps in, along with a disgusting arrogance and a severely cramped interpretation of basic reality. To prop up a reality of superiority humans simply shut off inputs they don’t like, inviting ignorance and hostility.

But oh my cher Republican cousins you have done it now, you have accomplished something I thought I was totally impossible in American politics, after 45 years of political watching and study I am genuinely shocked, for in the United States of America circa 2016 you have nominated a fascist for the Presidency.

Cokie Roberts, Mitt Romney, Robert Brooks, sorry Charlie your pathetically frantic last-second efforts to stop Donald Trump have completely failed, for far too late darkly fascinating forces you yourselves unleashed and are responsible for have now presented our citizenry with this...this…plain fascist for the Presidency. Oh my god.

Don’t sit there for a second and tell anyone Donald Trump isn’t a fascist, he slams all the traits for it and has been widely described as such, the rank corporatism, violent militarism, racial scapegoating, and grossly dishonest propaganda. You idiot Republicans, 70 years ago we fought the most epic and righteous war in our history to defeat fascist Hitler and now you’ve nominated Mussolini!

Congratulations on humiliating every American citizen on the world stage, Republicans, for an allegedly advanced industrial Democracy we have barfed forth a sickening, dangerous fascist to possibly lead the free world, my God we are in terrible regression and something has gone catastrophically wrong with America.

How could this have possibly happened, how could the Republicans become so sick and deranged? That’s a huge question with a vastly multifaceted answer, but briefly three variables provide many insights.

First is the disastrous decision to fully, ecstatically embrace the plain propaganda outlet of Fox News, this childish whining about “the liberal media” was nothing more than a blatant attempt to twist reality and hide the truth, truths you obviously don’t like.

This mental palmjob and cultural fighting felt very good and appeared to work for 25 years, but if you constantly blast lies and distortion to your audience we now have the empirical proof that this group eventually can’t discern any viable truth, they’re manifestly angry and totally gullible to anything, even fascism.

That’s your base, Republicans, ignorant, hostile, distrustful, racist, sexist and violent. They don’t give a damn about free trade or states rights, heh, they just want all the uppity Americans who aren't white to shut up and clean houses. Since they cannot accept or understand basic truth you’ve completely lost control of them, obviously. Bummer when your people nominate Mussolini, eh?

Handmaidens of course to this disaster are Fox News and the America “journalism” corps itself, disgustingly cowed by Republicans to ignoring truth that was inconveniently liberal and totally unable to deliver the objective truth that Trump is a fascist (both sides do it, right?) they stupidly, endlessly broadcast Trump for ratings cash. Now we have Mussolini to listen to until he get crushed in November, how proud you must be of your noble, esteemed profession, American journalists.

Last is the very uncomfortable truth that the American Democratic Party is a terrible, weak, ineffectual opposition Party, the Republicans never would have become so brash and bold if the Democrats didn’t constantly fold and get walked over.

When the Scalia Supreme Court forever disgraced itself and stole the election for Bush Democrats played along and helped pass tax cuts. Just last year House Democrats unbelievably got bullied over Syrian refugees. President Obama, childishly naïve, thought he could be transformative and trust the Republicans, it’s been a total disaster that just emboldened them even more.

Why do you think a baby donkey is the image header? Feel the Bern, read Salon and hang out at Daily Kos all day and one would think Democrats are feisty, combative fighters. Trust me, that’s not how the rest of the country or world sees us at all.

So, my stupid violent fascist Republican friends, for your obnoxious idiocy instantly write off the 2016 Presidency and Senate, and if Democrats organize properly the House is ours by 2018. You’re held in utter contempt by anyone with a basic brain, and your future nationally is completely smashed. This just the beginning, my friends, oh yes, it’s March 10, I and the country aren’t nearly through with you yet.

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