Sunday :: Mar 13, 2016

Threats are a Very Bad Idea, Donald Trump

by paradox

All through election season 2016 I have been gripped by an eerie feeling of unreality watching the Republicans implode and splat forth Donald Trump, we live in an advanced industrialized democracy, this cannot be happening. Not to my America, not after WWII, never.

Yet it assuredly, incredibly, most certainly has, I’m sure some readers scoffed at my description of Trump as Mussolini but amazingly just this morning my Twitter feed exploded with threats of violence from Trump, look at this:

Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!

This is the very last fascism box left unchecked by this American thug, violence in the streets by supporters, and especially the fear of violence, is the very hallmark of brutal evil fascism, here we are, America, a new Mussolini among us the Republican nominee for President. Just what in the hell do you think Trump supporters will do when called out to opposition events, hand out flowers?

The cherished carbon frame Trek has been hanging in the garage for ten months now, I was riding on Los Gatos Blvd. when a thug in a pickup frightened me with a bad right turn decision, he didn’t like my instinctive yell and then started bullying me with his truck up the road.

Fortunately this idiot unknowingly did this right across the street from the Los Gatos police headquarters, I instantly rode over and eagerly invited him on, you want to bring this, home, do it right here, right now. Thankfully for all of us he we was literate and could read the lettering on the building, he didn’t make a U and have the worst day of his life.

Many of you know parts of my story, I’ve been horribly sick for over a decade with a neurological/stomach problem, and believe me other life elements out of my control have gone terribly, terribly wrong, there were years when only one paramount duty I could never relinquish kept me here among us. You’d think a hippie liberal rose gardener wouldn’t have been exposed to much violence on his life journey. You’d be very wrong.

I was simply seconds away from taking that bully pickup driver on, so much has gone wrong for so long and this idiot so stupidly trying to threaten and bully me, I could have done thousands of dollars of damage with my cleats in 20 seconds, and if the bullying moron decided to get out things would have been very bad.

I rode home, hung the bike up and haven’t ridden it since. Such an event would have been a horrifying life disaster in multiple dimensions, a violation of so many cherished principles. That is not me, and I’m still greatly disturbed things got so close. I chug around the city on my commute bike now, I love the lights, baskets and fat tires. Gym it 6 days a week, too.

But I tell you with every atom in my soul, if there were a Sanders event within a 4 hour driving radius from here (San Jose, California) I would be in my F-150 right now. My liberal people are never, ever threatened or bullied in the United States, not while I breathe, and even just floating the idea of it will bring me physically out in the streets for them.

You think threats of violence will work and try to start something, heh, bring it. I will fight back with all of my body, I don’t need a weapon for you chumps, not at all. I don’t care about my reputation or body or hell hardly my life, if you’ve got a mental idea of how a liberal can fight back, well, I’m sure it’s an underestimation.

I think it’s a good idea for the President or the National Security Advisor to make a few phone calls to the utmost hierarchy of the Republican Party, Trump is useless to attempt reason with but somehow there must be someone he listens to. Issuing threats is a very serious marker for widespread violence on the streets, I’m not hardly alone in my knowledge of history or life experiences, and we liberals will not be bullied or live in fear. Trump better stop it.

The disgusting Republican Party can foist a fascist upon us for the 2016 election. They will never, ever get the Italy or Germany of the 1930’s.

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