Tuesday :: Mar 22, 2016

Bringing Out the Stupid

by Deacon Blues

The tragedy in Brussels today brought out more sad reactions from the leading GOP candidates, and better responses from the Democrats.

It should be expected that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump would respond like frat boys. Cruz actually called for law enforcement to start patrolling and pressuring Muslim neighborhoods, while Trump called for torturing "these people."

And somewhere there are gleeful ISIS leaders thanking the GOP for being the best recruiters they ever had.

The best response of the day came from Bernie Sanders, in responding to Cruz's asinine remarks:

"That would be unconstitutional, and it would be wrong. We are fighting a terrorist organization, a barbaric organization that is killing innocent people. We are not fighting a religion," Sanders told reporters.

As for Hillary, she'll have to start distancing herself more and more from Obama's "trophy case" foreign policy, and take a tougher line. It does her no good for Obama to be celebrating in Havana at this time, when it is too easy to remind voters that many hot spots have arisen lately on Obama's watch while he focused on legacy achievements (the Iran deal, Cuba, getting out of Iraq, the TPP, avoiding new wars) for the trophy case. Even though Europe and specifically Belgium and France are responsible for their own porous borders, America can be doing more overseas to deal directly with ISIS. Hillary will have to make that case apart from Obama.

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