Thursday :: Mar 31, 2016

Mocking Them

by Deacon Blues

"This is why I stay in the race. Look, people say, ‘Why does he stay in the race?’ What am I supposed to do; get out and leave it to these guys?"
--John Kasich, this morning, giving Democrats a great sound bite.

I love these guys. Cruz and Trump both say one of their first acts as president will be to rescind Obama’s environmental actions, and they both promised Big Oil they will stop anything being done to address climate change. They both say this as it is reported that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is now melting so fast that ocean levels could rise 3 feet by 2100, affecting both Cruz’s state and Trump’s New York and Florida properties.

Better yet, it looks more and more like there will be a brokered GOP convention, especially after Trump’s not-ready-for-prime-time performance yesterday, which comes in the midst of Ted Cruz now taking a lead over Trump in Wisconsin. Best of all, the GOP won’t know if Trump will have enough delegates to claim victory until way late in the process, ensuring a messy and election-ending convention for the RNC.

From this point on, all Hillary and Bernie need to say about Trump and Cruz is that the Republican Party apparently thinks that auditioning for a reality TV show is the best way to get the GOP nomination.

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