Thursday :: Apr 7, 2016

Sanders: Biden and Kerry Not Qualified

by Deacon Blues

By now, it’s clear that Bernie Sanders stepped into it when he asserted incorrectly last night that Hillary said yesterday morning that he wasn’t qualified to be president. She never said that, his staff should have known she never said that, and Sanders himself should never have gone before his supporters last night and spread those falsehoods. Doing so only poisons the waters for the party unification that is necessary this fall.

If Sanders really thinks that Hillary isn’t qualified because she voted for the Iraq war, and because she voted for trade deals, and because she and supporting PACs take money from Wall Street, then Sanders is also saying that John Kerry and Joe Biden, to name a few, are also not qualified to be president. And I for one steadfastly believe that both Biden and Kerry are far more qualified to be president than Bernie Sanders, especially after yesterday.

Sorry Bernie, you are now venturing into two counterproductive areas: Hillary hatred, which is a dime a dozen, and doing harm to the Democratic Party this November. Once you've crossed this Rubicon, you are no longer a constructive voice in this campaign.

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