Tuesday :: Apr 12, 2016

Forget It, McCrory

by Deacon Blues

A pathetic, little man, North Carolina's Republican Governor Pat McCrory, worked with his bigoted and discriminatory GOP legislative fellow travelers to push through an anti-LGBT law in the dead of night several weeks ago. When he got busted for signing the rushed-through law, and faced a predictable backlash from his business community, he lashed out and accused his opponents of smearing him and his fellow travelers, even though it was he who abused his powers to favor the fringe.

In typical little man GOP fashion, McCrory tried to undo some of the damage today by issuing an executive order directing that state employment and discrimination policies not reflect the recently-signed anti-LGBT law. In other words, it's still OK in McCrory's North Carolina to target the LGBT community; now please let us have our tourism and conventions back, please.

No dice, slimeball.

Since McCrory feels this is a "solution", companies, entertainers, and the tourism/convention business should now make the full commitment to abandon North Carolina. Likewise, the Obama administration should hit the state and its higher education system with whatever it can. State Democrats should suggest that the state GOP replace the lost revenue with as many right-wing, fringe, evangelical events as they can find. Let the evangelical churches and their flock make up the lost revenue.

Let McCrory and his cronies explain to the cities and counties what happened to their economies and tax bases by his pandering to the fringe. And let Little Pat and the Zealots stand in the bright sunlight during this fall's reelection campaign and explain why North Carolina needs another four years of such enlightened leadership.

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