Wednesday :: May 4, 2016

The Sky Is Not Falling

by Deacon Blues

While watching BernieTV last night (Oh, sorry, I meant MSNBC), I heard once again that Donald Trump would be a serious threat to Hillary in typical Democratic blue-collar states like Pennsylvania, and that the GOP’s high turnout to date was a real problem. I already knew when I heard this that it was utter crap on both counts, as the NYT’s Nate Cohn pointed out in today’s paper:

Mrs. Clinton’s strength among young, nonwhite and well-educated voters would be enough to make her a favorite. The G.O.P. path to victory without adding some of these voters is narrow. The Republicans would need to do nearly as well among white voters as Ronald Reagan did in his 18-point re-election landslide in 1984 merely to fight to a draw in today’s far more diverse country. Nonwhite voters could make up nearly 30 percent of the electorate in 2016, up from 14 percent in 1984.
But what raises the possibility of a more decisive defeat for Mr. Trump is that he is struggling to reunite the voters who supported Mr. Romney — especially white women and white college-educated voters.

Yet you wouldn’t know that from watching BernieTV.

Look, the electoral math is still the electoral math. And with Trump telling us about his first 100 days,

On Inauguration Day, he would go to a “beautiful” gala ball or two, but focus mostly on rescinding Obama executive orders on immigration and calling up corporate executives to threaten punitive measures if they shift jobs out of the United States.
And by the end of his first 100 days as the nation’s 45th leader, the wall with Mexico would be designed, the immigration ban on Muslims would be in place, the audit of the Federal Reserve would be underway and plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be in motion.

With parts of the GOP already telling us they’ll bolt and vote for Hillary, can we please embargo any more alarmist talk until we get closer to the conventions and see how much Trump hurts himself?

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