Thursday :: May 5, 2016

Ryan Plays Cute

by Deacon Blues

One of the many benefits of having Donald Trump hung around the GOP's neck over the next six months already became apparent earlier today when House Speaker Paul Ryan said he wasn't ready to support Trump. Ryan dug the hole a little deeper when he said that it was up to Trump to unify the party.

Ryan, like Ted Cruz is widely credited by a fawning Beltway media with being a smart Republican, when in fact he and Cruz are just two more overrated slugs sucking in a GOP cesspool. Ryan has managed to throw an anvil around the neck of House GOP incumbents this year. If he subsequently endorses Trump, he ties all his caucus incumbents to Trump, dooming them in at least two dozen districts around the country and giving the House back to the Democrats. If he refuses to endorse Trump, he enrages the base against both him and his caucus members who will then be forced to suck up to Trump, which again will give the House back to the Democrats.


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