Wednesday :: May 11, 2016

Trump: No Tax Returns From Me

by Deacon Blues

"Mitt has to get those tax returns out. I'm a little surprised they weren't better prepared for that."
-Donald Trump, criticizing Mitt Romney in 2012, who got revenge today.

The Donald says he will not release his tax returns before the election, if at all. He claims that he cannot do so because he is undergoing an audit, which is a lie. He then pivoted to say that he won't release his tax returns because he doesn't believe voters are interested.

Now, it is true that those supporting The Donald aren't interested in this issue, because they only care about integrity and authenticity, and . . . . . oh, wait. Well, let's just say they don't care if Trump is a bald-faced liar. All they care about is that he stomps on Hillary and brown people. If he's a scumbag wholly unqualified to be Commander Chief, so be it.

Trump's reasons for not releasing his returns speak volumes. He clearly feels that whatever is in those returns would affect voting behavior among those not currently drinking his Kool-Aid. Trump already knows his sheeple will come out and vote for Mussolini if they could. But he also knows he needs more than the sheeple to stop the Democrats in November, and whatever is in those tax returns apparently jeopardizes new voters coming to him.

His true believers don't care, but the rest of us might care to find out what Trump actually pays in taxes, what he claims for offsets and business expenses (like legal settlements and tax havens), and how much he overstates his own wealth, which would call into question his trustworthiness at a time when he smears Hillary on the same issue. But Trump cannot afford for potential voters to see that he really is no different from the establishment Wall Street types and politicians he purports not to be.

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