Thursday :: May 26, 2016

Debate Silliness

by Steve

First off, yes; we are having a problem with posting comments to the blog. We are aware of it, we still want your participation, and Mary is working to find a solution. UPDATE: comments are now fixed.

Second, by now you’ve heard that the Bernie Sanders campaign did a clever thing by using the Jimmy Kimmel show last night to plant a debate "dare" to Donald Trump, challenging him to a debate. Trump, because he is in over his head, went for the bait today, and said he would agree to debate Sanders in advance of the California primary if the networks donated their ad revenue to women’s health issues. Aside from whether the networks would bite on this, this is a good move for both Sanders and Hillary, despite the nonsense from the folks at BernieTV (MSNBC). Let me explain the reasons.

Good: If Bernie mops the floor with Trump in advance of the California primary, and then goes on to win the primary, he will shift the race with the super delegates in the weeks leading up to the Philadelphia convention. They will get over their reticence about dumping Hillary, especially if she suffers any more damage from the State Department IG’s report about her emails.

Bad: If Trump beats up Bernie in the debate, Sanders is toast.

Good: Despite what some observers say, such a debate would not be bad for Hillary. If Bernie wins the debate with Trump, she gets oppo research on how to beat him herself, and she gets confirmation that she needs Bernie as her VP. And if Trump gets the best of Bernie, he helps her finish Sanders off while still gathering oppo research.

Bad: If Bernie wins, her support amongst the party insiders will slip.

Good: If Trump bests Sanders, well, I don’t know how that helps except to strengthen Hillary, especially if Trump antagonizes more people in the process of beating Sanders.

Bad: If Trump loses to Sanders, the party will immediately get buyers’ remorse over their nominee, and know that perhaps either Democrat can smash him in the general election. Plus, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee will immediately go on suicide watch.

So please bring on the Bernie/Trump debate. And while we are at it, can someone tell Chris Matthews and his panelists at BernieTV on "Hardball" that they are delusional if they think Trump's admission that he wanted to profit off of the housing market crash won't hurt him with a broad cross-section of voters? Only morons who have drunk too much of the Trump Kool-Aid like Matthews and Michelle Bernard think such things.

Update (Friday): Trump turns tail and runs away.

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