Friday :: Jun 24, 2016

Brexit Fall-out

by Deacon Blues

The four-point victory by Brexit proponents in yesterday’s vote in Great Britain, to leave the EU will have ramifications far beyond David Cameron’s departure as Prime Minister this fall. First, and as important as anything else, the vote in all likelihood signals the end of the United Kingdom, because both Scotland and Northern Ireland have already called for their own referendums to leave the UK to stay in the EU.

Second, Donald Trump impostors Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will now get their chance to destroy Great Britain financially amid an anti-immigration bloodlust these next two years. You can count on London losing several major international banks and thousands of jobs to Ireland, Scotland, and/or the continent, something that Farage and Johnson can explain to the sheeple who probably didn’t even know what the hell they were really voting for.

This may also lead to more unraveling of the EU, with other members likely wanting out over the coming months. Russia and China are quite happy about all this.

And Trump himself demonstrated today, in Scotland no less, why he is an embarrassment and a flip-flopper. To actually say in Scotland that he applauded the UK’s exit from the EU, at a time when Scotland wants to stay in, on the basis that the decision will make more money for his local golf course only reinforces why the man has no business getting near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But since there are millions of stupid voters here in America like demonstrably there are in Great Britain, there is no guarantee that the United States won’t destroy itself with a terrible decision this November.

And all this because demagogues demonize brown people, and Barack Obama was short-sighted about Syria.

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