Monday :: Jun 27, 2016

What We Know Today

by Deacon Blues

Amongst several different stories in the news, this is what we know today:

2016 Presidential Race
After seeing two different polls over the last several days, taken largely during the same period of time, we know that Hillary has between a 5 and 12-point lead over Trump amongst registered voters right now. Again, these are not likely voters, but registered voters. However, the trends for Trump, buried in the details of the ABC News/Washington Post poll don't look good for him.

Proponents of the "Leave" movement, those who wanted to exit the EU, flat-out lied in the campaign, and were never fact-checked by the British tabloids, many of which are Murdoch rags. And now the snakes behind those lies, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, are walking back those selling points, hoping that the electorate will let them get away with a heinous trashing of democracy. The EU, for its part, wants Great Britain out as soon as possible, so Mr. Johnson will come into office as Prime Minister with the responsibility of negotiating his own demise, as more and more ill-informed "Leave" voters realize they voted against their own self-interest.

Trumps Lies About Clinton
During his attack against Hillary last week, Trump flat-out lied that Clinton steered $55 million of State Department funding to Laureate Education because of their connections to Bill Clinton. So given his endorsement of Brexit last week while he was in Scotland as something good for Great Britain, shouldn't Clinton's team start comparing Trump to the liars who just foisted Brexit upon that country?

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