Thursday :: Jun 30, 2016

Boris Johnson Passes on Being PM

by Deacon Blues

We've been hearing for the last two days from Brexit proponents that fears of economic harm from the vote are overblown, and that the "Leave" campaign leaders are optimistic about what lies ahead. And then Justice Minister Michael Gove kneecapped Boris Johnson in the last 24 hours:

Boris Johnson was still the favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister at 9.01am, as he prepared to launch his campaign at an upmarket hotel near St James’s Park.
But unbeknown to him, Michael Gove, his key ally and Brexit running mate, had made the decision to run against him at least 12 hours before then.
Gove had thrown his lot in with Johnson after they won the referendum together, planning to run on a “dream ticket” with the man long tipped to succeed David Cameron. For years, Gove had said he had no ambitions to be Tory leader and there would be better choices for the job.
However, those close to Gove say he changed his mind about Johnson after days of trying to negotiate with him about how to run the campaign. Along with fellow Boris backers, Dominic Raab and Nick Boles, Gove came to the conclusion late on Wednesday night that the former mayor of London did not have the right qualities to lead the country.

And with that, Gove decided that he and not Johnson was the man for the job of negotiating England's exit from the EU, and in all likelihood presiding over the dissolution of the United Kingdom.

Johnson absorbed that betrayal, and then decided that he wanted out of the running to be the next prime minister, leaving it to his fellow wrecking-ball operators to handle the mess they created. As a result, observers are fuming at the realization there never really was a plan for "taking back control" of their country, and that petty politics has caused the rats to turn on each other.

In other words, America is getting an advance look at the aftermath of a Donald Trump election this November.

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