Tuesday :: Jul 5, 2016

The Don of the Con

by paradox

There has been some background debate to the 2016 presidential campaign among political geeks and a few journalists to an unthinkable thesis of American politics: the Republican nominee is not in fact a candidate for President, he’s a grifter who’s only playing the part to enrich himself.

That cannot be, there is no way our world could produce such a lying twisted mind for the most noble, powerful office in the world. Even if such a mental charlatan existed it’s flat-out impossible for a grifter to navigate the American political process against real politicians, it’s as if to say the sun shines purple, there is no realm of possibility for a faker to run for President.

Donald Trump is not running for President, he’s using the process to make money for himself and his family while puffing up his pathetic, flabby brand. He has no plans or expectation of beating Hillary Clinton, of course not, when he loses by his own personal lights he’s still vastly ahead will all kinds of exposure and mailing lists to glean gobs and gobs of money from the unsuspecting rubes that he suckered in the first place.

That truth and reality is becoming starkly clearer every day. Incredibly, the Republican nominee for President of the United States has no money for his campaign, he really doesn’t, he winged it in the primary with massive amounts of free exposure from the often-putrid American media swamp and then lied about his personal fortune being a handy backup.

Money is everything in American presidential politics, without one is completely doomed against an opponent with funds, my god it’s been a huge swirling issue for years how our system is smashed by money, yet this clown waltzes onto the 2016 campaign stage essentially broke while his son solicits cash from elected foreign politicians? What?

The answer to that incredible fact is that he’s not a candidate, he’s a liar and a charlatan playing his own game.

The weekend of the Brexit vote Trump went to Scotland, stupidly tweeted about Scottish results and then, amazingly, said not a word about any implications of the vote and marketed his obnoxious elitist golf course instead. Huh?

Donald Trump isn’t running for President, he’s using the exposure to promote his brand and hotels, that’s how that disgusting Scotland evolution occurred.

On our American Fourth of July weekend the Republican nominee for President spent the entire time lying about a grossly offensive Star of David graphic he used about Hillary Clinton, which in fact he or his staff lifted off a white supremacist site. Excuse me, say again?

Donald Trump isn’t a candidate, he used that graphic to cultivate the racist followers of his politics for future gain.

Oh there’s a politics to Donald Trump, all right, the very fact he’s the nominee means something worked on a political level. The absolute worst political tactics of racism, nationalism and bullying were used by Trump in classic authoritarian domination to secure the Republican nomination.

The willful stupidity and ease of manipulation of the Republican base is a morbidly fascinating subject, of course Trump never would have been the nominee without their votes, but going forward the main fact to keep centered is that Trump isn’t a nominee, he’s a con man.

Naturally we will continue to see amazingly stupid and grossly backfiring political stunts like lying about using the Star of David, get used to it, Trump’s so-called political world bangs around the minds of the Republican base with intentions of future grift, not present political votes.

Donald Trump is the most dangerous, horrifying candidate for President I have ever seen or imagined, defeat this man and his terrifying implications for our country with everything at your possible personal disposal. Talk to your friends and family, register, vote, donate to Hillary Clinton, work with the local campaign if you can, 2016 is a special election, do not is any sense slack it or fling a protest vote. I order my yard sign today.

Watch the Republican base and Party closely. Lied to and manipulated for decades naturally many will not see the con Trump represents, but oh my god defeat they will understand, defeat to Hillary Clinton, and if they smash apart and implode dangerous, powerful forces could lash out to the country in ways we can’t see yet.

Initially I had started to gleefully knife the Republicans this morning, they have so richly earned all the fun ridicule so easy to stab their soon-to-be political corpse with, but personal experience of the con stopped me.

Betrayal is of course a terrible occurrence, but when it’s overlaid with lying and deception to get suckered intellectually and with cash, ah, that’s a very special acid to horribly burn with the betrayal wound. When our Republican cousins truly comprehend what’s happened and how they’ve been suckered, well, then an American evolution of political anger we will truly see.

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