Wednesday :: Jul 6, 2016

Post E-Mail Shutout

by Deacon Blues

FBI Director Comey did the right thing, and gave more detail behind their recommendations than the bureau would normally do in the Hillary Clinton email decision. I can quibble about the FBI's assertions as to what Clinton knew was classified or Top Secret as it was sent to her, but the truth as I've said before is that Clinton showed poor judgment and made a mistake in doing this in the first place, so she should just give a contrite and soul-baring statement and press conference and move on. Will she? No.

And the reason why she won't, and decide instead to simply ignore it and ride this out is already in evidence on MSNBC, which is breathlessly covering every rant and utterance from Donald Trump since Comey's press conference. BernieTV was already disposed against Hillary regardless of her stupidity on the email decision, so this perhaps shouldn't be surprising that they are helping drive ratings by giving Trump around the clock coverage in his outrage.

I'm pretty much done with the political coverage until the conventions now. I can't stand what the media is doing to enable Trump, so I've decided to ignore the media each night and just wait it out until later.

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