Wednesday :: Jul 13, 2016

America’s Weimar Election

by paradox

Via Hullabaloo and Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine comes a fascinating insight into the evolution of Adolf Hitler and extremely disturbing parallels to Election 2016, America’s Weimar election.

Conservative Germans then, just as most Americans view Trump now, saw Hitler as rabble political trash, certainly good at mobilizing base political forces but completely hapless in his ability to organize intellectually or to practically seize power. A contemptible lightweight, soon to be easily swept away by rationality and events.

Even if Hitler wasn’t to be ignored surely his appeal could be twisted to serve other political aims, and his ascendancy could mean assurance of other goals—as Chait says, think supply-siders hoping for tax cuts or abortion zealots yearning for USSC seats.

Coupled with these rationalizations was a manifestly foolish underestimation of Hitler’s actual chances of success, because it could never happen rationalizations could go forth, excuses made, and hiding in plain fear of course manifestly improved Hitler’s chances. It could never happen and then with just a few critical events wham, bam it really did happen and reality crashed home all at once.

How the Republican Party regressed and degraded itself to point where it nominated Trump is another very legitimate story, but in a way it doesn’t matter now, it’s happened, a ranting, lying racist rabble manipulator is one election from the Presidency of the United States! The American Weimar election is here, the United States is in acute political crisis!

That fact, very alarmingly, has sunk home for only a small percentage of American voters, precisely for the same reasons Hitler was underestimated—Trump is a lightweight who can’t pull it off, a coup attempt could never happen, Congress would restrain him, yadda yadda. We all know how that worked out.

Amazingly enough, a ray of hope and sanity recently broke through from none other than Fox News, I kid you not, David Meyers sees the truth and the acute dangers of Trump and flat-out calls out Republicans as fools and betrayers of country of they support Trump.

Another extremely surprising Republican beam of sanity and hope comes from none other than George W Bush, who has stated he will not be supporting Trump. For a politician who so gleefully smashed Democracy in Election 2000 and started the Iraq War for lies I didn’t think the loathsome political toad had it in him.

Dismayingly, most of the Republican establishment will be cowards and go along with Trump. Even more alarmingly most of the American media will play along with the charade, hey everything’s normal in another election. Right?

Again, no, if Trump is elected the American experience of Democracy as we know it so over, as the righteous Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said anything could happen. Hey Congress would restrain him, just like they restrained Bush and Cheney with torture. Right?

Currently that disgusting oaf the Republican Party nominated for President said RGB’s mind is shot. How proud the Party of Lincoln bears itself this fine day, oh my god. Welcome to America’s Weimar election, I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.

It will become the ultimate political nightmare if Trump is elected, an unthinkable American political scenario that must not be allowed to happen. What does that mean for us as ordinary voters and citizens?

Take absolutely nothing for granted, nothing, in no way shape or form facilitate any action that helps or encourages the election of Trump. The Democratic Party primary was an excruciatingly long, most excellent opportunity to push for change in the Party and nomination of Hillary Clinton. That window is now smashingly closed, and with our Weimar election total dedication for the election of Hillary Clinton is called for.

Again, 2016 is not a normal American election, problems with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are perfectly understandable, and there is no American voice louder than mine for individual liberty and reforming Democratic Party problems, but in this time and place they must be put aside or all could be lost.

For many of us that will not be an easy process, but it must happen for duty to country and the American Democratic experience. The Germans were absolutely sure Hitler was rabble trash with no chance and lost everything, we cannot allow that to happen here.

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