Wednesday :: Jul 13, 2016

Pence = Koch Brothers

by Deacon Blues

With Trump's VP nominee search apparently narrowed to Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and now Indiana GOP governor Mike Pence, you only need to remember one thing: Mike Pence is a wholly owned political subsidiary of the Koch Brothers. For a campaign struggling to gain ground against Clinton's fundraising advantage, the quickest way for Donald Trump to access $1-2 billion is for him to put Mike Pence on the ticket.

No matter how tight the polls may be getting right now, Team Clinton should want Trump to select Pence, because such a selection immediately destroys Trump's narrative of being his own man, one not tied to GOP plutocrats. Having Mike Pence on the ticket means putting Charles and David Koch in the Oval Office, giving orders to "Man of the People" President Trump.

Update, Thursday: Money wins out; Trump will pick Pence. Trump's ascension demolished the GOP establishment infrastructure to the degree that the Koch Brothers have now achieved what they always wanted: control of the Republican Party.

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