Tuesday :: Jul 19, 2016

Lies, Damned Lies, and Trump

by Deacon Blues

You have to love how Donald Trump views party unity. Your campaign chairman picks a fight with the governor of the state hosting the RNC convention, explicitly making a threat against that governor, and then blames Hillary Clinton for the outright plagiarism committed by Trump's wife last night. Yes, Paul Manafort is definitely Vladimir Putin's man inside the Republican Party.

It's pretty bad when the RNC chairman and the departed Trump campaign chairman both agree that there needs to be accountability for the dumpster fire that was Melania Trump's speech last night. But what gets lost here are two things:
1. The Trump family has integrity issues all around; and
2. Trump and his supporters are the same people insisting that Hillary's alleged lack of integrity disqualifies her.

Yet there was Matthew Dowd and Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America" this morning, giving golden child Ivanka Trump strokes for being a political star in the making. That's when you know ABC and perhaps other networks are in the tank for Trump, while continuing to pick away at the Clintons for their "integrity" issues.

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