Friday :: Jul 22, 2016

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

by paradox

The excellent writer and human Paul Waldman of the Washington Post and The Week gave out a warning to our dear Republican cousins when they blocked the Supreme Court justice nominee Merrick Garland: you’re abandoning another governing norm, do it too many times and you’re de-evolve into something badly unrecognizable.

It can be said that human institutions reflect the personal human psyche, one is rarely in a static general state, there is either a base progression forward or movement backward. There are happy times when variables gel to a stable state, but change will eventually force adaptive growth—or a regressive fall.

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

Although Richard Nixon was pretty good at it, Newt Gingrich can be credibly granted as the modern American Republican knight of scorched-earth politics, anything goes in an all-out bullying swagger, rules and norms are for weakling punks. Our hapless Republican cousins have adapted to no other way since.

Thus we get shutting down the government over petty procedural rules in a brutally stupid tactic to win political concessions. Actually impeaching a President over a ridiculous personal dalliance. A rabidly partisan Supreme Court smashing Democracy with a stolen election. Starting a war with complete fabrications and a heinous whiplash of unnecessary fear. Refusing to appoint a Supreme Court justice because a cherished conservative would be lost to a liberal replacement.

As we all know Fox News and the Internet echo chamber relentlessly drove this regression with dishonesty and a total abandonment of the truth. It worked short term with pugnacious gains in red states, but start on a path of dishonesty and half-truths and one can end up in really unrecognizable, acutely uncomfortable place.

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

If abandoning norms becomes a casual occurrence in a regressive state with a ruthless echo chamber to reinforce it, make Hillary Clinton a criminal and endlessly chant she cheated and rigged the system. Abandon the norm and decorum of addressing her by her title and call her Crooked Hillary instead.

Keep doing it to an enclosed group of humans passionately committed to their political goals and you’ll get the filthy, horrifying regression of a vicious mob that we witnessed at the Republican Convention, things have gotten so bad and gone so banana republic wrong the Republicans have actually criminalized the opposition Democratic candidate.

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

As of course Hillary Clinton is never locked up the whiplash of lies and anger will intensify, naturally, and we can only pray the Secret Service is now hyper-vigilant in their duty to keep her safe. Norms and decency are for punks, remember the Republican Way, and with elected Republicans like Christie egging the base mob on terrible violence is a terribly predictable regression here.

I hope with every atom of my soul the New York Times takes an honest examination to their massive contribution to this horrifying, filthy mess. Their vendetta against the Whitewater Clintons goes back decades, and for half a year in 2015 they were a happy, reliable conduit for any stupid, ridiculous innuendo and falsehood that greasy rat Trey Gowdy could feed them from that reeking Benghazi committee.

Plus that little incident where the New York Times published Hillary Clinton was under criminal investigation. If the flagship [gag] “journalism” paper in the United States relentlessly feeds a stupid, ridiculous story of nothing what signal does that send to the rest of that pack of ratings and equivalence dogs in our “journalism” corps? Go, go, go get her!

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

It would be extremely helpful if the rest of the woeful American “journalism” corps dropped this absolutely absurd charade that “both sides do it.” No, my intrepid brothers and sisters of truth, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton have not abandoned the truth and norms of decency to regress into the horrifying mess of Donald Trump.

No, we will not prosecute him publicly with some fool New Jersey kangaroo and then chant for his imprisonment at our convention next week. Is it finally clear what’s happened to the Republican Party and their horrifying regression? The Democratic Party is not in that hellish place of lock him up!, no, we are far, far from it. Start saying so, please.

For the rest of us little people helplessly watching the dictum remains the same: totally support Hillary Clinton and do everything possible to defeat Donald Trump in this amazingly not-normal election. The Republican Party is over the cliff and smashing its way down, the United States of America cannot go with them.

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