Monday :: Jul 25, 2016

Bernie's Monster is Loose

by Deacon Blues

Sometimes truth reads better than fiction. If you wanted the worst-case scenario for Democrats to self-destruct this fall and allow Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers to take over the government, you would:

1. See parts of the Bernie Sanders’ base destroy the party in full view at the national convention this week; stoked by

2. Individuals and groups that may never have been part of the Democratic Party, ostensibly enraged over

3. The release of emails that were hacked by the Russian intelligence services aiding Donald Trump, and timed to do the most damage to efforts at a unified convention, which is

4. Generating comments like those ascribed to these previously-unknown activists, indicating that they prefer the destruction of the Democratic Party, which leads to

5. A convention reminiscent of the disastrous 1968 melee in Chicago.

I’ve never heard of these activists or their groups, but after reading their “burn baby burn”-type sentiments towards the party, it makes me wonder if they ever were Democrats in the first place, or if they were under-the-radar socialist or GOP-instigated elements hidden in the Sanders base all this time.

For anyone of color to say openly that they want to bring the party down and knowingly turn the country over to Trump indicates to me the probability that part of Bernie’s movement itself was hacked months ago.

The quickest way for the white base to coalesce around Trump is to show them a Democratic Party coming apart at the seams. And part of Bernie Sanders' base is about to give the Supreme Court over to the Koch Brothers for the next 20 years.

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