Thursday :: Jul 28, 2016

Yeah, 9 Points You Idiots

by Deacon Blues

Last night's speeches at the DNC, apart from the disgraceful reaction from Bernie supporters during Leon Panetta's speech (no matter what drivel Rachel Maddow spews), achieved what they needed to do. Obama's speech in particular was masterful. And no, Hillary can't follow that, so the best she can do tonight is not screw up, and bank the positives from a largely successful convention.

To that end, we shouldn't be caught up in polls right now, yet the horse-race media gives polls way too much attention right now. Of course Trump got a bounce from the GOP scare-fest last week: millions of white sheeple saw their Benito fantasy and felt reassured. And yes, Hillary will likely get a bounce herself after this convention. Generally speaking, I try and stay away from putting too much stock in polls until we get to Labor Day.

But if the media wants to fixate on a poll, how about this one? After hearing for days on BernieTV (MSNBC) that Trump was a serious threat to take Pennsylvania and Ohio from Hillary and the Democrats, an alarm bell sent by Penn native Chris Matthews himself because of Trump's alleged lockdown of white rural voters in both states, we get this poll today. It is from the respectable Suffolk University, which has a good track record, of likely voters.

And guess what? Even before the full effect of last night and tonight upon this supposedly Trump-friendly electorate in Pennsylvania, and even after the RNC convention, Hillary leads Trump by almost 9 points, even in a four-way race with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Nine points. Before the full effect of the DNC convention takes hold, or Trump's appeasement talk towards Vladimir Putin yesterday. Amongst likely voters.

So please Chris Matthews and the rest of you blathering idiots on BernieTV, shut the f*ck up about the polls until later. Right now, you collectively can't find your asses with both hands.

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