Thursday :: Jul 28, 2016

Nailed It

by Steve

I frankly did not think Hillary had it in her.

Despite the utter BS from Nicole Wallace and others on BernieTV tonight, Hillary’s speech did exactly what it needed to do:

1. It cauterized the wound with the Bernie Sanders supporters and unified the party going forward;
2. It made an open and visible commitment to the middle class;
3. It kneecapped Donald Trump, and seized the political middle;
4. It created a home within the party for Republicans to occupy; and
5. It made a strong security argument for women and independent voters.

Wallace said Hillary's speech was "too partisan" and "too progressive" to reel in Republicans, and that Hillary had squandered the opportunity Obama set up the night before to peel away GOP voters from Trump. Apparently Wallace ignored for months the poll numbers that showed Bernie and his agenda ran better against Trump and did better with independents than Hillary did. So if Hillary's Bernie-heavy message last night was now too partisan and too progressive because it was Hillary giving that message, then Wallace and her ilk are simply Hillary haters, and they are already a dime a dozen.

If Wallace and others at BernieTV want to criticize Hillary for not being Obama-like, then f*ck them. They revealed themselves for holding Hillary to an unachievable standard. No one before tonight thought Hillary would equal what Obama did last night. And yet Wallace, Matthews, Maddow, and the rest of the BernieTV crowd went ahead and held her to that standard anyway.

Anyone who has followed Hillary knew going into tonight that this speech could have gone much worse, and yet Hillary gave one of her best speeches. But you wouldn’t know that from BernieTV.

Good job Hillary. I didn’t think you could do it.

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