Tuesday :: Aug 2, 2016

Anchor Around Their Necks

by Deacon Blues

With each passing day after the conclusion of the conventions, it appears that Donald Trump is determined to hand the election to Hillary Clinton. Not only is it now clear that the GOP convention was a monumental failure in pulling new voters to the Republican party this fall, but Trump seemingly is making it even more radioactive for anyone to come aboard.

During the month of August, Trump needs to focus squarely on economic issues within a critique of Obama and Clinton's record. Instead, he picks a fight with the Khan family, continues to remind voters that he and his campaign manager are compromised by their ties to Russia, and now disses the GOP Speaker of the House.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is refusing to back House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in his upcoming primary election, saying in an interview Tuesday that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing his party’s top-ranking elected official.
Trump also said he was not supporting Sen. John McCain in his primary in Arizona, and he singled out Sen. Kelly Ayotte as a weak and disloyal leader in New Hampshire, a state whose presidential primary Trump won handily.
With Ryan’s Wisconsin primary scheduled for next Tuesday, Trump praised the House speaker’s underdog opponent, Paul Nehlen, for running “a very good campaign.” Trump said that Ryan has sought his endorsement — an assertion that a Ryan spokesman denied later Tuesday — but that as of now he is only “giving it very serious consideration.”

And to cap it off, he tries get back on message with the rollout of a laughable economic plan that gives billions more to the rich while saddling all of us with trillions in new debt.

If GOP leaders won't start distancing themselves from Trump, and they are mostly too gutless to do so, then Hillary and the Democrats should tie all GOP incumbents to Trump relentlessly.

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