Thursday :: Aug 4, 2016

No Rescue for the GOP

by Deacon Blues

All of this recent talk about senior Republican leaders and establishment types wanting to have an ‘intervention” with Donald Trump to steer his campaign away from the iceberg is laughable for several reasons. First, Trump cannot be managed or told what to do by anyone; it’s not in his DNA. Second, now that the RNC and the Trump campaign have successfully harnessed his millions of like-thinking bigots into a multi-million dollar fundraising machine, the national party regardless of anything they say needs Trump more than he needs them. They created this monster, they’ve now tied their fundraising to his base, and now he owns them. The GOP is formally the party of Trump, for better or worse in this cycle.

Trump's fundraising success was actually the worst thing that could happen for the GOP.

For their part, the Democrats’ path forward is quite clear. The “Tier One/Tier Two” campaign dictates that Hillary’s surrogates and media operation pin Trump against the wall each day with new insults and distractions to respond to, knowing that Trump doesn’t have the discipline to stay on message and avoid swinging at pitches in the dirt. While they do this, Hillary through a “Tier One” effort needs to relentlessly push a message of economic growth as Tom Friedman suggested yesterday. Clinton needs to take advantage of Trump’s propensity for self-inflicted wounds and use this time in August to cement into place her narrative of growth and opportunity for all at home; security and stability overseas. A simple message during August that aims a pro-growth, pro-security message at swing states could take a possible ten-point lead now into a victory of landslide proportions later.

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