Sunday :: Aug 7, 2016

Trump's Juvenile Behavior Continues

by Steve

The latest evidence that Team Clinton has successfully planted the issue of competence into the minds of the electorate when considering Trump as a commander in chief came in today’s ABC News/Washington Post poll of more than 800 registered voters. Clinton has an eight-point lead over Trump in this poll, which has a smaller sample size and larger MOE than others at this time. However, this poll shows that Clinton, despite her trustworthiness issues, has an insurmountable advantage against Trump when it comes to the electorate’s view of who can actually do the job.

As a result, senior Republicans voiced their concerns this morning over Trump’s ability to carry their states in a general election. So what is Trump’s antidote to these concerns and weaknesses? He ditches two days of somewhat moderate messaging and reverts back to schoolyard attacks against Hillary and her supporters, and tried to call into question Hillary’s mental health, even in the face of polling evidence that indicates he can’t win that argument. So it appears that Team Trump, which is a team of one, has decided the only way to win is to continue tearing down Hillary with juvenile behavior. We’ll see how that works.

Regarding this poll, it should be noted that in the 2012 presidential election, Nate Silver of the then-NYT “FiveThirtyEight” blog noted that the ABC News/Washington Post poll had a middle-of-the-pack reliability record and a documented GOP bias. So this 8-point lead could even be larger than the poll shows

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