Friday :: Aug 12, 2016

This Isn't Reality TV

by Deacon Blues

Trump’s supporters repeatedly say they like him because he tells people exactly what he thinks, and because he isn’t a politician trying to pander for votes. In the next breath, those same supporters will say they hate Hillary because she is untrustworthy.

After admitting yesterday to Hugh Hewitt that he says provocative things just to get attention, and after tripling-down on his outright lie that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton founded the Islamic State, today Trump said he was simply using "sarcasm".

And Hillary is the one who is untrustworthy?

How exactly do Trump supporters cheer a candidate who knowingly misleads them? Does the GOP base hate this country, brown people, and Hillary Clinton so much that they would actually put a mentally unfit person into the presidency?

How does a national political party continue to support someone at the top of their ticket who thinks running for president is a new reality TV show?

And how do our allies and enemies read a potential commander in chief so willing to lie publicly just to get attention for himself?

Update, Friday afternoon: The schizo bastard pivots again. And the reaction from Team Clinton? When your opponent is self-destructing, get out of his way.

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