Monday :: Sep 5, 2016

Where The Hell Is The Message?

by Steve

It's a sign of the problems with the Clinton campaign that on this Labor Day 2016, the candidate said virtually nothing about how she specifically will help Main Street and working America, and instead spent her time saying Vladimir Putin may be helping Trump win the White House. The closest Hillary got to hammering Trump on specific differences when it comes to kitchen-table issues was when she told reporters to wait for tomorrow's release of the campaign book outlining her policy proposals. Are you kidding me? It's Labor Day Hill, and you blew it today.

The failure of this campaign to put forward a concise set of economic and social justice themes this late in the race, and stick to it day to day is one reason Trump is still in it. Democrats can moan all they want about the media's fixation on Hillary's email and other self-inflicted wounds, but Team Clinton knew the media would behave this way from the beginning, and it they didn't, they do not deserve to win. Of course the media has a double standard when it comes to the Bush family foundation and the Clinton Foundation, but that's what you have surrogates for, to hammer the negative narrative every day while you the candidate take the positive narrative. Yet all we get from Hillary are exactly what Trump wants: attacks against him that he can turn into more counterpunches about Lyin' Hillary.

If you can't say on Labor Day that you'll put millions of people to work rebuilding America, white and black, unions and builders working together, in an economy that rewards Main Street and not Wall Street, then Hillary you shouldn't be in this race.

It really is the economy, stupid.

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